Bluetooth Shield


Low-cost Bluetooth Shield for Arduino featuring the HC-05 Bluetooth modules with Master/Slave operation. (US$20)

Product Description

The Bluetooth shield is available in two low-cost versions: Master/Slave and a Slave contains a HC-05 Bluetooth Module, a Class 2 Bluetooth shield with Serial Port Profile (SPP) profile functioning as UART port wireless cable replacement.


  • Two Shield variants:
  • with EGBT-045MS (HC05) Bluetooth module (for Master/Slave operation)
  • Extension port of the on-board Bluetooth module for future interfacing.
  • Mode Switch Master or Slave (for Master only)


  • Module Type:HC05 Master/Slave
  • Power Input:
    • External: +8 – +12V
    • Arduino board default : +5V
  • Interface :
    • Arduino-compatible female header pins (pcb top)
    • Arduino-compatible male header pins (pcb bottom)
    • Module Interface for future use


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